Working with Detroit Cash For Homes: What Our Clients Have to Say?

Working with Detroit Cash For Homes: What Our Clients Have to Say?

Mr. Wilson and his family lived in Clawson for several years. Their home had five bedrooms with a spacious balcony and a beautiful backyard garden. Thus, it was one of the most sought-after properties. But Mr. Wilson had to shift his business out of the state. As a result, they had to pack up and move pretty quickly. 

They had only two months to sell a house fast for cash in Clawson and do all the packing to relocate out of the state. Also, they want to sell the property without cleaning, repairs, and upgrades, as all these tasks take time and money. After considering everything, Mr. Wilson and his family decided to sell their home to a real estate investor. He shortlisted some of the top cash home buyers in Clawson, including Detroit Cash For Homes. 

Detroit Cash For Homes – Your safest bet to sell homes hassle-free and quickly

Mr. Wilson approached Detroit Cash For Homes to book an appointment with our representative. He was impressed with the fact that we offer no-obligation and free consultation. It means if you are satisfied with a cash offer made by us, you are free to sell your home to any realtor or cash home buyer. 

But after we made the cash offer, Mr. Wilson took his time to evaluate the best offer from all the options available to him, and he chose Detroit Cash For Homes. It is because our cash offer was fair and our selling process did not involve cleaning, repairs, listing, or staging. We buy houses in Clawson, and havefor more than 30 years, without commissions, closing costs, and other charges. 

We closed the deal in two weeks because of our understanding of the Clawson real estate market. We offered for Mr. Wilson to choose his closing date. The property got renovated recently, so it hardly required any work. Our professionals handled everything, from necessary paperwork to prior preparations, and everything else. 

The bottom line 

Whether you own an old house that needs a lot of work, an inherited house, or are currently facing foreclosure, Detroit Cash For Homes has a perfect solution. We have been buying properties in any condition for several years. 

If you want to sell your house in Clawson fast and at a fair sale price, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We offer no obligation and free consultation.