We Buy Poor Conditions Michigan Houses

Sell your poor condition house

When you rent your house to a bad tenant, it can adversely impact your property and finances. The homeowner of the pictured house, located in Macomb County, was going through the same situation. The house was rented for years, and everything was going smoothly until the last tenant showed up.

The homeowner didn’t receive any rent for months. He appeared at court dates, and finally, an eviction was enforced by Sheriff’s deputies. However, the house was left in terrible condition. The tenant left heaps of garbage throughout the house, punched holes in the walls, left stains on the carpets, and broke plumbing and ductwork from the ceiling to the basement. To put it simply – the house was a huge mess. With the house in this condition, the homeowner wasn’t able to find a Metro Detroit, MI estate home buyer.

He finally contacted Detroit Cash For Homes and we bought the house in AS-IS condition. This saved a lot of time and money for the homeowner as he didn’t have to rebuild or repair the house on his own.

Just like this house, Detroit Cash For Homes has bought countless houses in Macomb County and the surrounding areas. We buy houses in any condition in Macomb County so you don’t have to repair or stage the house to sell it. So, if your tenant has damaged the house and left it in bad condition, we are here to help! We buy homes with a bad tenant and help homeowners get through the process fast. If you want to sell your house that is in poor condition, without spending any money, call 1-877-985-7801.