We Buy Poor Conditions Michigan Houses

We Buy Ugly Houses Michigan

A bad tenant takes a toll on your finances and on your property. Pictured is one such home. Located in Macomb county, this home was a good rental and trouble free for many years. Unfortunately, the landlord was not so lucky with his last tenant. After going months without collecting rent, appearing at court dates and an eviction that required the sheriff deputies to conduct, he found a house was left in terrible condition. The previous tenant left garbage everywhere, punched holes in the walls, spilled koolaide and left stains all over the carpet, and broke plumbing and ductwork from the basement ceiling. In a word, the house was a real mess. Detroit Cash for Homes purchased the home in AS IS condition to spare the owner the time and expense of rebuilding the home himself. We have purchased many properties throughout Metro Detroit where the tenant damaged or in some cases destroyed the property and left a huge mess for the owner to clean up. We even buy homes with a bad tenant in place. Have a bad tenant home? Let us clean up the mess. Call 1-877-985-7801