Frequently Asked Questions

Planning to sell a house? Have some questions you want to ask? Here are the frequently asked questions homeowners ask us.

What areas do you buy homes?
We buy homes in all areas of Metro Detroit.

My house is outdated and needs a lot of repairs, will you still buy it?
Yes, we buy houses in any condition. We specialize in buying homes that need updating and repairs.

How long does it take to close the transaction when I sell my house for cash?
We can close as quickly as 10 days or be patient and wait if you need time to move or for any other reason.  We have the money, so once we agree on a fair price for your home we can close the deal. If you need to close quickly, we are your best option.

If, however, your situation does not call for a quick closing, but you need a reliable buyer Detroit Cash For Homes can be patient and wait while an estate or probate is settled, or you need time to move or for any other reason.  Some people want the peace of mind knowing they have a buyer in hand and then plan their next move.

Do you buy homes from Estates or Probate Sales?
Yes, since 1991 we have been helping families settle estates and probate sales. We have earned the trust of many probate attorneys over the years and understand the estate sale process. In case you need a local attorney, we have a network of trusted attorneys if you need a referral. If you need to sell a home that is in probate or to settle an estate, please call Detroit Cash For Homes.

How do you determine a fair price for my house?
We are real estate investors and are in the business to fix and flip houses. We look at the current value of fully renovated homes in your area, factor in the cost and time to bring your home to current market standards and then provide you with a no obligation cash offer for your home. There are no real estate commissions, and we cover the buyers closing costs.

Why should I consider an all-cash offer for my home?
The main reasons that people sell their homes for all-cash is the condition of the property, the urgency of getting the home sold quickly and to avoid the costly commissions and other expenses involved with selling a home through a local MLS.

Vis-a-Vis many listing agents, we require you to do zero repairs before you sell your home to us. So you do not need to worry about inspections or making costly repairs before finalizing the sale of your home.  We make it fast and easy to sell your house.

Many listing agents will quote sky-high values to get your listing, usually based on nothing more than looking at pictures of other homes in the area that recently sold, only to make you sit and wait, month after month for your home to sell. They fail to factor in condition, costly repairs, and commissions and buyers closing costs which all could drastically reduce what you ultimately net from the sale of your home.

My tenant is behind on their rent; will you still buy the home?
Yes, it is very common for frustrated landlords to turn to Detroit Cash for Homes to buy their non-performing rental property. We have bought many homes from landlords in exactly your position. Being a landlord is hard, and not for everyone. If it’s not for you call Detroit Cash for Homes and sell us your rental house today.

Can you buy my home if I live out of state?
Yes, we contract with National Title Agencies who can close your transaction and guarantee your payment for the property anywhere in the 50 US states, so there is no need to come to Michigan for a closing.

Can you buy my house if I am in foreclosure?
Yes, we have helped many people avoid the financial ruin that comes with a foreclosure on their permanent credit history. When facing foreclosure time is very important, every day of delay means more money that will go to the bank. If you are behind on your payments or facing foreclosure call Detroit Cash for Homes.

What makes your service better than other real estate companies?
If you are looking for fair price, quick closing, All Areas, Any Situation and Any Condition, Detroit Cash for Homes is your answer. We offer a ‘fair price’ and a ‘quick closing’, we can make it happen and schedule a closing as soon as ‘10 days’.  We buy the most because we pay the most.

My house is currently listed with another agent; will you still make an all-cash offer?
Yes, but remember that you have a contract to pay commission to your listing agent. The good news is, we also are licensed agents, and we will offer to forego our half of the commission if you accept our offer while your home is listed.  Brokers are protected, but we can save you half of the commission at least.

Call Detroit Cash for Homes and find out why we buy the most homes….because we pay the most!