Probate sale in Detroit

It is very tough to put a price on a house in probate. Considering all the memories attached to the house, it is an emotional challenge to sell a loved one’s house.

However, most houses that end up in probate in Michigan and the surrounding areas become more of a headache than an asset for the beneficiaries. Most beneficiaries rarely keep a probate home for their personal use for many reasons:

  • Location-The house is far away from the place they live
  • Condition-The house is not in the right condition to live in
  • Layout -The house is too big or too small for them
  • Multiple Heirs-Each beneficiary want to have their respective shares
  • Costly to Maintain- Empty of Occupied the taxes, upkeep and utilities add up each month.

Many other reasons may exist, based on the beneficiary’s situation. Thus, they put the house up for sale!

The number of properties in probate is increasing daily, with 7 out of 10 probate homes coming to the real estate market. Thus, there are numerous opportunities for beneficiaries to seek help from a qualified probate attorney in Michigan and sell their house as soon as they can!

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have met numerous home owners throughout our time in business. We know how tough the situation can be when home owners or beneficiaries must sell their house when in probate!

If your house is in probate in Michigan, or elsewhere in the Metro Detroit area, we offer you a fair price for it, and buy within a short period of time. We make all cash offers to home owners within 24 hours of consulting with them! We also close deal in as little as 7 days once the offer is accepted!

Our goal is to make it hassle-free for beneficiaries to sell their house from probate. We know how demanding the process can be when you are dealing with the probate attorneys in Milford and the neighboring areas. Also, Detroit Cash For Homes saves home owners from the inconvenience and delay caused by using real estate agents.

We have a history of closing deals very quickly and giving a fair price for homes! If you are selling your house to us, you don’t need to stage it or make repairs. We buy probate houses in AS-IS condition and help you avoid spending hefty amounts on repairs and staging.