Selling Hoarders House Detroit

Sell a Hoarder’s House in Detroit in AS-IS Condition

Very few buyers want to look at, much less consider, buying a hoarder house! This is the case in almost every situation, except when Detroit Cash For Homes is buying the house.

We have been in business for years now, and buying a hoarder’s house is one of the many purchases we make often. Understand, it isn’t as hard to sell these houses, if you have time and money to invest in making them look decent! The trouble is, most people don’t have the money and time.

These situations are where we truly shine! Detroit Cash For Homes is the right hoarder house buyer in Detroit you need. We buy houses in AS-IS condition, so you won’t need to spend money or time on cleaning and de-cluttering your hoarder house.

We make the process of selling a hoarder’s house in Detroit easy and quite painless. Here are the benefits of selling the house to us:

  • No need to clean and de-clutter

When we say hoarder’s house, we picture a house filled with lots of stuff, in an extreme way. But, even if you think the house is completely hopeless, you are wrong! We will still buy it, no matter how bad things have gotten!

There is no need to clean or de-clutter before the sale, since we buy houses in AS-IS condition. Doing it this way, our process of buying a hoarder’s house doesn’t burden your pocket or schedule. We will offer a fair price for it and once accepted, we close the deal as fast as possible!

  • No repairs and renovation required

Besides the stuff in the house, if it also requires repairs, painting or renovation, you must sacrifice time for cleaning and fixing. This is exactly what any real estate agent would expect!

However, this isn’t the case with Detroit Cash For Homes! We never ask for repairs or renovations before buying a hoarder’s house. Along with the clutter in your house, we also accept aging or damage. This saves your time and money, and speeds up the process of selling a hoarder’s house in Detroit, even more.

  • We pay all cash

Detroit Cash For Homes buys houses for cash and make all-cash payments on every deal. We start with a simple visit to the house to inspect it. Once we determine the house is worth purchasing, we offer a fair cash price for the house within 24 hours.

On acceptance, we handle the paperwork and close the deal fast! The payments are made in cash once the deal closes!

Knowing this, you can feel sure that selling a hoarder’s house in Detroit, to Detroit Cash For Homes, is the smart move! We buy houses for cash in Michigan, including Detroit, Waterford, Oakland County, Macomb County, Royal Oak, Harper Woods, Livonia, Roseville, Warren, Shelby Township, Grosse Pointe, Berkley, Milford, Wayne County, and St. Clair Shores.

Get in touch with us to start the process, today!