We Buy Probate Houses

After the passing of a loved one, if you have received an inherited house and have no idea what to do with it, we are here to help! Through many years in business, we have helped hundreds of home owners by purchasing their probate houses at fair prices.

Therefore, owners of probate homes in Macomb County or elsewhere in the Metro Detroit area, can turn to Detroit Cash For Homes for the best help.

With our extensive experience in dealing with houses in probate, we can help you sell your property fast and for a fair price.

Our Process

Our process of buying your house in probate is simple. It starts off with the home owners contacting us and telling us about their situation and property. One of our representatives visits the property location and within only 24 hours we can make you an all-cash offer!

We specialize in helping beneficiaries sell their house in probate, and can help you navigate any legal issues, hassles, or inconveniences.

We have years of experience with the probate sale process in Detroit, and we understand the fact that this kind of sale can be emotionally draining for beneficiaries.

Thus, to avoid any delays, needless formalities, or difficulties for the beneficiaries, we help you sell your house fast.

Why Choose Us

The benefit of choosing Detroit Cash For Homes to sell your probate house is that we close deals fast! Your probate sale in Detroit can be closed within 7 days if you sell your house to us.

Also, for owners of a house in probate, it is difficult to find suitable buyers and sell the home quickly. In most cases, delays are not feasible and can cause a great deal of loss. Therefore, it is especially important to close deals as soon as possible. Detroit Cash For Homes helps you do so!

Also, unlike real estate agents, we don’t expect you to spend hefty amounts on repairing the house or staging it for better deals. Owners of probate homes in Berkley, Michigan, and other areas of Metro Detroit, can receive fair prices with us!

So, if you’re in a pickle and want to sell your probate house as soon as you can, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes, today!