Tenant Eviction: Detroit Cash For Homes Can Help You Sell Your Home

Tenant Eviction: Detroit Cash For Homes Can Help You Sell Your Home

Evicting tenants is something no one likes to deal with due to its lengthy and tedious process. At Detroit Cash For Homes, our professionals have helped numerous homeowners in selling their house after getting their non-paying tenants evicted. With our years of experience in the industry and strong connections with attorneys and other officials, we can get it done in as little time as possible. Besides this, we can buy properties in any condition without cleanings, repairs, and upgrades. Thus, we have gained popularity as the most trusted real estate cash buyers in Michigan

What do you need to know before diving into the eviction process? 

When it comes to evicting a tenant, it is not as simple as it seems. The process usually involves local laws and regulations, state authorities, and other legal barriers, making it complicated. For this reason, every homeowner must learn their rights before trying to evict their tenants. With the right information, you can not only make the process less complex but can also avoid many mistakes. To get yourself familiar with your rights, you can seek the assistance of cash home buyers in Michigan like Detroit Cash For Homes. 

How Detroit Cash For Homes handles tenant eviction?

Rachel Williams had placed her second home for rent. She and her mother were living outside of Michigan. But over the last year, her tenants were not paying the rent and were creating trouble with neighbors. After several requests and warnings, Rachel decided to evict tenants and sell her house for cash. Since she stays away from her Michigan home, taking care of it was difficult. While searching for the options that could help her in evicting tenants and selling her house, Rachel found Detroit Cash For Homes. Once Rachel checked our website and customer reviews, she scheduled an interview with us. 

Rachel discussed her property and issues related to it with our representative. Without wasting any time, we acted proactively in setting up an action plan. Before implementing, we had to meet an attorney to understand what it would take to ensure a smooth and successful eviction. Usually, any lease violations can result in terminating the tenant within 3-30 days. 

The eviction attorney explained to our representative the local and state laws involved in evicting the tenants from Rachel’s property. With the help of an experienced eviction attorney, Detroit Cash For Homes removed the tenants within a week. 

After this, we evaluated her property to give her a fair cash offer. Since we buy houses for cash in Michigan in any condition, Rachel didn’t have to go through expensive repairs, upgrades, and commissions. Once she agreed with the cash offer, we asked her to choose a closing date depending on her needs and preferences. We closed the deal within 20 days and immediately transferred the money into her bank account. 

If your house is facing any legal problems, such as foreclosure, title defect, and so on, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses in Metro Detroit, Michigan without cleanings, repairs, renovations, staging, listings, commissions, and other charges. 

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