Avoid Foreclosure Sale & Get Cash for Homes

Sell foreclosed home in Michigan

With the last recession impacting a number of homeowners, they were pushed underwater on their mortgages as they struggled to make ends meet. The aftermath of the recession led many lenders to foreclose on a record number of homes. Even today, a good number of houses are being foreclosed by banks due to bankruptcy.

A lesser known fact is that homeowners can prevent foreclosure in Detroit if they pay off the entire loan balance, fast. However, there are very few options to raise that amount of money in a short time span.

Detroit Cash For Homes has helped homeowners in these situations, by purchasing their home for cash and closing the deals quickly. This way, homeowners got the needed cash to pay for the loan, getting rid of the foreclosed property and the process that went with it. So, paying cash for a foreclosure is easy if you sell to Detroit Cash For Homes and get fast cash for your house.

We also negotiate sale and leaseback terms, with an option to buy, to help keep you in your home. If you are facing foreclosure and want to understand your cash for homes option, call us today at 1-877-785-9801. We purchase foreclosed homes and save the homeowner from all the hassle.