Owning a Bad Property: Detroit Cash For Homes Can Help You Sell It

Owning a Bad Property: Detroit Cash For Homes Can Help You Sell It

Why do people buy their own homes? One of the reasons is to have security and get rid of monthly or quarterly rent. Owning the wrong property in Milford can take a toll on your hard-earned money and time. Besides this, taking care of repairs and renovations every month is incredibly frustrating. 

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have helped several clients who were dealing with the wrong property. If you are currently struggling with such a property, we have good news for you. Regardless of its condition and work needed, you can sell it for cash fast to cash home buyers in Milford like Detroit Cash For Homes.  

How has Detroit Cash For Homes helped in the past?

Jack, one of our previous clients, was living in a beautiful 3 bedroom home in Milford. The entire family was quite excited about their new living space until maintaining it started to feel like a burden. The first few months were good, but then Jack had to spend a lot of money on repairs, like water damage, out of service appliances, peeling paint, and so much more. 

When he found out that the house was taking a considerable amount of money to repair, Jack decided to sell his Milford home fast. Also, due to monthly repairs and renovations, he was left with limited funds for living and buying anything. 

The next step was finding reliable real estate cash buyers in Milford. Since he was familiar with the hassle of selling a home through the traditional method, he chose cash home buyers. Jack searched online and even asked for references from friends and colleagues. After an extensive search, he scheduled an appointment with Detroit Cash For Homes. 

On the appointment day, he discussed his property and related issues with our staff member. Once Jack was assured of our selling strategy, we evaluated his house and gave him a fair cash offer within 24 hours. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we buy houses in Milford as-is, which means no repairs, cleanings, and upgrades. 

Although Jack’s home required a lot of work and repairs, we took care of it all so Jack could use his time finding a new house. We value our customers, and their time and money. When it comes to a cash offer, we make sure it is fair for our clients as well as us. Jack was quite surprised with a cash offer because he did not expect to get such a deal. Thus, he immediately said yes, and we moved ahead with the process. 

Jack wanted to sell his property as early as possible and relocate to a new house. So, we closed the deal within 15 days. Besides a fast and fair home sale, Jack saved hundreds of dollars because we don’t charge any closing fees and commissions. 

If you are looking for a cash home buyer to sell your house fast in Milford, search no further than Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses in any condition in Milford without letting you spend a single penny on repairs and upgrades. 

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