Selling Your House Fast Due to Divorce is Easier than Ever

Selling Your House Fast Due to Divorce is Easier than Ever

Traditionally, home sale refers to a time-consuming process with plenty of home improvements.  It means people have to invest money before listing their properties on the open market. But this does not seem to be a reliable solution when homeowners want to sell their houses for cash fast.  

Is there an option that offers people faster and hassle-free home sales? 

The answer is real estate cash buyers in Berkley, such as Detroit Cash For Homes. With more than three decades of working in the real estate industry, we have helped numerous homeowners to receive a desirable deal. We buy houses in any condition in Berkley without letting you undergo any prior home improvements. Below, we will explain how our professionals helped a couple sell their house fast during a divorce process. 

  • Detroit Cash For Homes – Your best bet to sell your house during a divorce 

Jack and Amy got married four years ago in Berkley. A few years later, they found out they wanted to separate. They mutually filed for a divorce, but when it came to dividing the assets, they had disagreements, such as who would live in the house. 

So their lawyer advised them to sell their home fast for cash. Selling the house for cash was the best option for them to move on with their lives faster. In addition to this, it was the best way to free up the home equity in cash, which was easy to divide. 

Jack and Amy did not have enough time to improve their property, wait until they found an interested buyer making a genuine offer, and get mortgage loan approval. Therefore, listing and selling their home through a realtor was one of their options. One of their friends decided to recommend Detroit Cash For Homes. 

  • Selling a home to Detroit Cash For Homes is easy and quick 

Since Jack and Amy wanted to sell their home fast for cash without dealing with any hassles, partnering with Detroit Cash For Homes was the best solution. Unlike the traditional home selling process, we buy houses for cash in Berkley as-is with no cleaning, repairs and renovations, staging, listing, etc. 

They both scheduled an appointment with us. The next day, they directly visited our office and discussed the property and their needs and requirements. Our team was quick to act and made a fair cash offer within 24 hours. Once they accepted the offer, we asked them to choose the closing date. As per their convenience, we closed the deal in 12 days without charging them any commissions, closing costs, etc. 

If you are searching for the best way to sell your house fast in Berkley, Detroit Cash For Homes is your answer. We buy houses in Berkley fast through a stress-free process. Call us today to take advantage of our free, no-obligation consultation.