House Damaged by Flood: What to do to fix or sell it?

House Damaged by Flood: What to do to fix or sell it?

A home is a vital investment for everyone. It is because building a house requires a hefty amount. Therefore, seeing one’s property submerged in floodwater is a nightmare for homeowners. But natural calamities are beyond human reach. Usually, the first thing that comes to people’s minds is getting their flooded home fixed. 

If your house got damaged by a flood, you must be in a confusing state about what to do next. Do not worry! Detroit Cash For Homes can help you make the right decision. Being a leading Royal Oak estate home buyer, we have helped several homeowners to sell Royal Oak homes fast at a fair price, regardless of the condition. 

Not convinced to sell your house damaged by a flood?  

Below, we have listed reasons why it is not an ideal option to fix your flood-affected home. Let us dive straight into them. 

  • Mold is the real culprit 

The problem is not the water but the mold growth that can severely affect the structural integrity of your home. Please keep in mind the longer your house sits with water, the more the mold growth. Do you know if a mold infestation spreads in your home, it can be detrimental for you and your loved ones’ health? To prevent this, you must keep your house sealed and remove the affected furnishings while treating concrete and wood using anti-mold agents. If you fail to do this with utmost care and within time, a mold infestation may spread and sicken your family members. 

  • Fixing a home with flood damage is expensive 

In normal conditions, it may cost homeowners over $2,500 to dry out a home. You can imagine the cost of fixing and drying out a house submerged in floodwater. Due to the flood, wooden furniture and electronic appliances in the home are likely to get damaged and become inoperable. Therefore, you may expect repairs and replacements, which may break your bank. 

  • You will not get insurance coverage for all floods 

In most cases, homeowners choose to fix their flood-damaged home thinking that they have insurance coverage. But they get nothing in the end and pay everything from their pockets. If you do not want such things to happen to you, read your insurance contract thoroughly before proceeding with the process. It will help you understand whether your insurance covers flood damage or not. 

  • Sell your home damaged by flood as-is

Based on the above-discussed points, we can say that fixing your flood-affected home is not a reliable option. For this reason, it is advisable to sell your Royal Oak home fast to cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes. We have more than 30 years of experience in the field buying properties in any condition. The best thing about working with us is our process is fast and hassle-free. We will handle everything for you, from cleanups to repairs and upgrades, scheduling appointments with insurance companies, and so on. Also, we do not charge commissions, closing costs, and other fees. 

If you are wondering how to sell my house fast in Royal Oak damaged by flood, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses in any condition and offer a fair sale price, along with a hassle-free process.