How Can Detroit Cash For Homes Help You Sell a Property With Tenants?

How Can Detroit Cash For Homes Help You Sell a Property With Tenants?

Frank and his wife Anna owned a classic house in Michigan for almost 35 years. With many features including things like a wood decking and a back yard fence they really had one of the most beautiful houses on the street. After their children moved out and the couple rented out the house to tenants, they bought a new small and easy-to-maintain apartment for themselves. It was nearly ten years since they rented out their home. 

Over the years, the couple has made significant improvements in the house, but it was getting old. As a result, the maintenance was becoming more expensive. Plus, Frank and Anna were tired of landlord duties and responsibilities. They decided to sell their house to cash home buyers in Michigan because they knew selling on the open market is expensive and time-consuming. 

Thus, they started to look for a reliable real estate investor that offers cash for homes in Michigan. Frank looked on the internet while Anna asked for references from friends, neighbors, and relatives. One of their club friends who had recently sold his property for cash, recommended Detroit Cash For Homes. 

  • Detroit Cash For Homes – Sell your home with tenants quickly and hassle-free

Since Frank and Anna did not want to go through costly repairs and the hassle of showings and staging, Detroit Cash For Homes was an ideal option. It is because we buy houses in Michigan as-is without clean-ups, repairs, and renovations. Also, you do not have to worry about the realtor’s commission and fees because we work directly with homeowners. 

The couple immediately contacted us and scheduled a next-day appointment. On the consultation day, they discussed their property and their requirements with our representative. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have more than 30 years of experience in the field, and we are familiar with the Michigan real estate market. Therefore, we made a quick cash offer after the inspection and evaluation of their home. 

Frank and Anna had approached other cash home buyers also and received multiple cash offers. So, they compared all the offers before making the final decision. They chose to sell their home to Detroit Cash For Homes. They accepted our offer because they found it fair and our selling process is hassle-free and fast. Once they agreed with the cash offer, our representative acted proactively to go ahead with the selling process. 

We took care of everything, from the necessary paperwork to cleaning and repair, and dealing with our professionals. Please remember, we make a cash offer that is fair to us as well as homeowners. In Frank and Anna’s case, we closed the deal within 15 days, and they had cash in pocket immediately. Their experience of selling a home to Detroit Cash For Homes was quick, affordable, and stress-free. 

If you too are looking for an experienced cash home buyer to sell your property for cash fast, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses for cash in Michigan with no commission, closing costs, repairs, renovations, etc.