Detroit Cash For Homes: Your Satisfaction is Our Success

Detroit Cash For Homes: Your Satisfaction is Our Success

Here at Detroit Cash For Homes, have always put our customers first. Thus, we make sure they get the best value for their property with a smooth and quickly selling. Each day, several homeowners come to us and ask the most common question – how do I sell my house fast in Oakland County? Besides this, each comes with specific needs, such as maximum value, faster sale, smooth and stress-free selling process, top-notch customer service, and so on.

Detroit Cash For Homes is one of the leading cash home buyers, and we buy houses in any condition in Oakland County. Our professionals specialize in dealing with properties in probate, foreclosure, title defect, water damage, etc. Let’s take a walkthrough of the smooth home selling process we provide.

Selling a home after a divorce

Bill Lang, a resident of Oakland County, owned a beautiful condo in the prime area of the city. He lived with his wife and two children. After getting a divorce from his wife, they both decided to move out and sell the house. While Bill bought a house just across the city, his wife relocated out of the state. The reason why both decided against keeping the house was due to costly maintenance and simply because of the memories shared in the house.

First, they tried selling their home through a real estate agent and other classifieds. Their condo was on the market for 140 days, but Bill did not get reliable buyers, even after spending a huge amount. Before listing, their realtor asked them to consider repairs and upgrades that were quite expensive. Besides this, they paid thousands of dollars for listing their property on the market. It was pretty tough for Bill’s ex-wife, as she had to travel across the state for official purposes related to the home sale.

Bill did not have any problem in showing the house and following-up on his potential buyers. With all the needs and preferences in mind, when he started his search for the best way to sell a home without breaking the bank, his colleague recommended Detroit Cash For Homes. Once he connected with us, Bill sold his condo within seven days at the best price.

Perks of selling your home to Detroit Cash For Homes

Our primary goal is to protect property sellers from the hassle of a daunting process, costly repairs and upgrades, commissions, listing, staging, and much more. If you are dealing with an unexpected situation and want to sell your home fast in Oakland County, we are here to help you! Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy by selling your property to us.

  • Quick closing
  • No repairs and renovations
  • A fair value for your property
  • Free from the hassle of listing and staging
  • No commission, listing, or closing fees

If you want to sell your home fast but for whatever reason, you’re failing to get the right buyer, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses in Oakland County in as-is condition and offer a fair sale price guaranteed.