Say Yes to Hassle-free Home Selling with Detroit Cash For Homes

Say Yes to Hassle-free Home Selling with Detroit Cash For Homes

At Detroit Cash For Homes we pride ourselves in offering desirable services to our clients. With plenty of years of experience in the field, our top priority has always been our customers. Over these years, we have helped countless people sell a home fast for cash, regardless of the complexity of their case.

Billy and his family experienced a real struggle to find the right home buyer before approaching Detroit Cash For Homes. Billy was living in a state-of-the-art apartment in Berkley with his family. While he was looking for real estate investors, he approached us to learn more about cash for homes in Berkley.

Along with his apartment, Billy had an old home where they used to live. The primary drawback of this property was that it was located in a remote place, miles away from the city. As a result, Billy and his family had to commute a lot to go to the office, school, and even for shopping. Thus, a few years ago, Billy moved to a new residence with more facilities, which was located in the heart of the city. Since keeping up with the maintenance of their second home was taking a toll on them, they decided to sell it for cash.

Selling homes with a real estate agent

Billy hired a realtor to list his home on the market for sale. However, the property was pretty old and had several structural damages, which required repairs. He invested quite a sum to get it repaired and fixed the issues before putting it on the market. Besides this, Billy spent money on promoting his property on social media networks.

Despite doing all this, Billy struggled to find the right buyers for his home. His property remained on the market for more than three months without getting genuine buyers. Now, to renew his property’s ad on the market, he had to invest some more money. Unfortunately,  he neither was interested nor had the finances, so Billy started searching for another way to sell his property without costly repairs and upgrades, commissions, and closing fees.

Hassle-free home selling with Detroit Cash For Homes

After researching online and asking for references, Billy decided to visit Detroit Cash For Homes. He called one of our representatives to schedule an appointment. The next day when he discussed his case with us, we promised to give a cash offer within a day. Well, besides structural damage, another major turn off for buyers was its location. Luckily, with Detroit Cash For Homes, there was not an issue with the location because, we buy houses for cash in Berkley in any area, without any renovation or repairs.

Billy received a fair cash offer within 24 hours, and upon his agreement, we proceeded further with the selling process. Thanks to our experienced representatives, we closed the deal in the next seven days without the cost of expensive repairs, commission fees, and other charges. Unlike a traditional home-selling method, our process is quick and hassle-free. All you need is to contact us and rest assured of a fair sale price with our professionals.

If you’re looking for a leading estate home buyer in Berkley to sell your home fast, Detroit Cash For Homes is your safest bet.