Detroit Cash For Homes: Sell Your House When Damaged by Mold

Detroit Cash For Homes: Sell Your House When Damaged by Mold

There can be a lot of things that damage your house over time and issues like mold might seem small, but once it spreads throughout the entire house, it can become troublesome. With mold in the house, you will not only experience health problems but also face difficulties in selling your home.

Fear not because, at Detroit Cash For Homes, we buy houses in Livonia in any condition, such as houses with mold, water damage, etc.

Tessy lived throughout her life in a beautiful house in Livonia with her mother and younger brother. When she discovered small patches of black mold in the bathroom, she did not take it seriously. Within a few days, it spread to other parts of the house and turned into an infestation.

They realized mold had grown throughout their house and getting rid of it needed their time and money. As they were already looking for a new house, Tessy decided to sell her home and move to a new house. However, she did not want the hassle of listing, staging, and promoting her house. Besides this, she wanted a quick and fair sale for her property. For this reason, she didn’t choose to sell her house through a real estate agent.

Sell your house with mold in a few steps

If your house has severe mold damage, selling it on the open market is not easy. However, if you successfully sell it to a buyer, they will eventually discover it. And when they do, you could face a lawsuit for non-disclosure. On the other hand, getting the issue repaired can significantly reduce the sale price to reimburse for the necessary repairs and replacements. Thus, the chances of selling your property fast on the open market are very slim. Plus, it is an expensive process.

Considering this, Tessy opted for the alternative of selling her house as-is to Detroit Cash For Homes. She found us through a web search, and after checking our website and customer reviews, she decided to visit our office the following day. Tessy contacted one of our representatives and discussed her case, needs, and preferences. We assured her fast, fair cash within a few days. As we promised, we closed the deal in seven days with a cash offer in the initial 24 hours. Additionally, our process did not involve costly repairs, commissions, agent fees, and closing charges.

If you want to sell your house fast in Livonia, Detroit Cash For Homes is your best bet.

We buy houses as-is

We, at Detroit Cash For Homes, have years of experience in the real estate markets of Metro Detroit. Thus, you can expect fast selling of your house without worrying about the mold inspection, as our professionals will handle it all for you. Whether you want to close the deal within a few days or are looking for fair and instant cash, Detroit Cash For Homes has got you covered.

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