Testate Vs. Intestate Probate: How Do These Affect Your Home Sale?

Testate Vs Intestate Probate - How Do These Affect Your Home Sale

Selling probate homes in Macomb County is not easy, but what is probate? It is a lengthy, complex, and time-consuming legal process. As a result, it leaves people confused and frustrated. In this legal procedure, the court distributes the assets of the deceased to heirs. 

Remember, one wrong step can jeopardize your effort, time, and money. In the worst case, you may lose the inherited estate. Therefore, hire an expert who can assist you throughout the probate. 

In most states, a property has to undergo probate, whether there is a will or not. Do you have an inherited house in probate? Then it is crucial to know about testate and intestate probate. It will help you understand what you need to do. If you are looking for a fast and guaranteed sale, Detroit Cash For Homes is your best bet. We buy houses in Macomb County in any condition like probate, foreclosure, etc. 

Testate Probate vs. Intestate Probate: What should you know? 

If you have inherited a house, it requires probate. You cannot do anything with the assets until the court gives you ownership. It means listing the property on the open market will not be possible. First, you should figure out your probate. Thankfully, testate and intestate help in doing so. 

  • Testate Probate 

If you have a will, testate probate comes into the picture. In this, the court will distribute the assets according to the deceased’s will. It allows you to petition the probate court to sell the inherited property yourself. This means the court will not interfere. 

Since there is no court involvement, the process can be easier, quick, and affordable. After all, you do not have to worry about court fees and other obstacles.

  • Intestate Probate 

When there is no will, you should consider intestate probate. Unlike testate, it is a more formal process. The court will have full control over the entire process, from bidding to the sale of your inherited house. Are you wondering how intestate probate works? 

Firstly, the executor will help you get an appraisal on the home, followed by a search for the best realtor. While a real estate attorney can recommend real estate agents, the decision will be made by the executor. 

After determining the home value, the next step is listing to get desired cash offers. The real estate agent will receive one or multiple offers using marketing and staging. Once the court approves, the sale will move forward. 

In closing 

Given the complications, the probate process can be overwhelming. Therefore, it is best to hire an experienced probate attorney. They will help you verify whether you need testate or intestate probate. 

Also, if you want to sell your probate home in Macomb County fast, Detroit Cash For Homes is your ideal partner. We buy houses as-is, which do not require cleaning, repairs, or renovations. After the initial evaluation, we will make the cash offer within a day and wait for the probate to be finished. We will close the deal within a week when you get ownership. 

If you want to know more, call our experts today! We provide free, no-obligation consultations.