3 Clever Ways Your Listing Agent Makes You Sign an Agreement

3 Clever Ways Your Listing Agent Makes You Sign an Agreement

Listing agents are professionals who make sellers sign a listing agreement at the earliest time possible. They even have to agree with the unreasonable demands of clients. It is a part of their fiduciary duty. This means they have to keep up with the best interest of sellers. 

Do you wish to sell a Royal Oak home fast and at a fair price? Then here is something you should know: You might sign a listing contract thinking that your demands are fulfilled. But you may not be aware of the consequences of your decision. 

For example, your potential buyer asks for a home evaluation. Chances are, they have to deal with costly repairs and renovations. Besides this, you may face other challenges, which lead to delays. Therefore, it is crucial to set realistic expectations before signing a listing agreement. Moreover, you can sell your house to cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes and avoid such instances. We buy houses in Royal Oak in as-is condition. That means no expensive and time-consuming processes. 

If you do not want to consider a direct sale, we have listed three suspicious things your listing agent may do that you should watch out for. This way, you can avoid falling into a trap. 

  • Approve emotionally valued prices 

An emotionally valued selling price refers to the worth a property owner feels is right. It does not consider the appraisals’ values. Plus, it is not based on the comparative value of similar houses in the neighborhood. If your prospective listing agent agrees with the sale value without considering objective facts and values, they might be eyeing an excellent deal. 

  • Favor seller’s demands 

Most home sellers think the standard demands for listing a home are unnecessary. So, they are likely to take control of the listing process. For example, they believe high-quality photography and virtual tours of properties for marketing are a waste of money. For them, a home staging strategy is nothing but a hassle and an extra expense. Therefore, to make these homeowners sign an agreement, a listing agent gives a charge to the seller. A reliable real estate agent does not make this mistake. In fact, they should assist a seller throughout the entire process. Plus, they will help you find a qualified buyer and sell your house fast in Royal Oak. 

  • Give listing responsibility to a junior agent

Another common thing a realtor does to get the homeowner onboard in a listing contract is free themselves of a responsibility. To present themselves as the best listing agent, they assure they will handle everything personally. As a result, they ask for high commissions. But then they hand over the listing responsibility to an inexperienced junior agent to get a hold of real estate terms and processes. Remember, a lack of experience and skills may cause you to lose a great deal. 

In closing 

The best way to avoid these suspicious activities when selling a property is to work with a cash home buyer like Detroit Cash For Homes. We consider the facts and values of properties nearby to make a fair cash offer. Also, we house a team of real estate professionals that help you throughout the entire selling process. 

At Detroit Cash For Homes, you can sell a Royal Oak home without worrying about closing costs, contingences, or repairs. Call us to get a free estimate!