How to Sell a Property with a Faulty Deed: Explained by Detroit Cash For Homes

How to Sell a Property with a Faulty Deed: Explained by Detroit Cash For Homes

Imagine this scenario:

You have been preparing your house and completing documentation to list it on the open market. It took a hefty investment and a lot of your precious time. Everything is ready! You have a reliable buyer, discussed the terms and conditions, and the closing date is near. But as a title company goes through your closing documents, they discover you have a faulty deed. 

This is frustrating because it elongates your selling process if you are selling through a real estate agent. At times, you may also lose a deal. After all, no buyer would like to wait, especially if they want to move in fast. The saddest thing about a faulty deed is that you cannot find it until a title company lets you know about it. 

Fortunately, at Detroit Cash For Homes, we buy houses in any condition in Detroit, including those with a faulty deed or any other title defects. With three decades of experience in the real estate industry, we can offer you a guaranteed fair sale. 

Whether you sell a house using a traditional home selling route or through cash home buyers, here is what you should know about a faulty deed. Let us begin with the basics. 

  • What is a faulty deed?

    A deed, also known as a warranty deed, helps homeowners establish legal ownership before selling their property. It is signed and recorded in the local official records. Hence, it is easy to determine the legal owner of a particular house on sale. In simple words, the deed transfers the title from the current owner to the new one. 

    In some cases, mistakes happen when drafting a deed. It could be a result of negligence. If your house has a faulty deed, you may consult title agents and attorneys to fix the problem, but what causes these types of errors?

    Here are some issues that affect the owner’s rights. 
    • Misspelled name or nickname 
    • Insufficient or incorrect legal description 
    • Not having a notary seal
    • Inaccurate consideration amount 
    • Insufficient subscribing witnesses
    • Wrong date 
    • Failing to sign the document
    • Other typographical errors 
  • How to fix a faulty deed?

    As we have mentioned already, you cannot discover problems related to a deed until your documents go to a title company. Unlike county recorders, title lawyers or agents examine deeds thoroughly. This takes place to ensure error-free property ownership with no outstanding issues. Here are some ways you can resolve a faulty deed. 

    Please remember, the solution varies from one state to another and depends on the type of error:
    • Affidavit of correction 
    • Corrective deed 
    • Quit claim or warranty deep 

      If you do not have enough time to fix the problem and list your home again, sell your house to Detroit Cash For Homes. Also, your real estate agent may not help you clear up your faulty deed. We buy houses in Metro Detroit as-is, which means you can save your money and time. 
  • Detroit Cash For Homes buys houses as-is

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have years of experience dealing in houses with legal issues like a faulty deed. Because of this, our professionals know what exactly they should do. Once your property is in our hands, we will assist you through the process, even clearing your faulty deed. We can help you sell a Detroit home fast regardless of the situation.

If you are wondering “how to sell my house fast in Detroit with a fault deed, Detroit Cash For Homes has your back. Call us today to discuss your property’s legal issue.