Get a Fair Cash Offer for Your Home with Detroit Cash For Homes

Get a Fair Cash Offer for Your Home with Detroit Cash For Homes

With numerous success stories, Detroit Cash For Homes has become renowned cash home buyers in and around Metro Detroit. These success stories have inspired many homeowners who were struggling to get a fair sale price. 

Also, since the pandemic, there is a shortage of inventory in the real estate market. Thus, it is considered a sellers’ market. It means if you are planning to sell your Berkley home fast, you can expect a higher cash offer. 

Get a fair cash offer with Detroit Cash For Homes 

One of our customers lived in a beautiful 3-bedroom house with her mother in Berkley. She had friends and relatives around the area, along with an amazing job. She had dealt with a tragic loss of her mother and decided it was time to start fresh somewhere else. Rachel decided to sell the house for cash. The problem was, the house was registered with her mother’s name, who left no will behind. 

In short, it was an inherited home case. Additionally, it required a lot of work to seem presentable and draw the attention of potential buyers. When Rachel approached an experienced real estate agent, he explained to her the estimated cost and time it may take to sell her house. Given the time and money investment mentioned, Rachel dropped the idea of listing her home on the open market and started looking out for another option. 

She asked for references from friends and colleagues about the best way to sell a home smoothly without spending much. One of her co-workers recommended Detroit Cash For Homes. Rachel called our office and scheduled an appointment for the next day. Before visiting, she checked our website and read our customer’ reviews, and most of them referred to us as reliable real estate cash buyers in Berkley

During the consultation, Rachel discussed her property and the associated problem with our representative. The house was inherited, so it had to go through a probate process to receive the legal authorization for selling it. As a result, the selling process would take a little longer. We explained the estimated time and selling strategy. Once she was convinced, our representative moved ahead with the selling plan. 

The best thing about partnering with Detroit Cash For Homes is that we buy houses in any condition in Berkley. In simple words, the seller does not have to undergo the hassle of costly repairs, cleanings, staging, marketing, and renovations. In the next 24 hours, after evaluation, we gave Rachel a fair cash offer. From here, everything was taken care of by our professionals, such as the necessary work, an appointment with a probate lawyer, and so on. Rachel could use this time to search for a new house and prepare for relocation. 

We closed the deal within two months. Plus, we did not charge any commissions, closing fees, and other types of fees. Thus, Rachel saved both money and time by selling her home to Detroit Cash For Homes. When dealing with cash home buyers like us, we are not looking to move into the house so we can move quickly or slowly. In the end we are able to keep our clients best interest at heart, especially when dealing with the loss of a loved one.

If you are looking for a convenient way to sell your house fast in Berkley, at a fair cash offer, Detroit Cash For Homes has got your back. We buy houses for cash in Berkley without any improvements, commissions, listings, and closing fees.