Detroit Cash For Homes vs. Realtor: What does it Cost to Sell a Home?

Detroit Cash For Homes vs. Realtor: What does it Cost to Sell a Home?

First-time home sellers think listing is the only way to sell their properties. It takes needing to hire an experienced real estate agent and list their home on the open market without making any improvements. This is because, according to them, they have invested enough to get a fair sale price. Unfortunately that is not the case. 

In reality, homeowners have to spend a lot of money if they choose the traditional way to sell a home. However, they can prevent all the costs associated with the home selling process by working with cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes. It is because we buy houses for cash in Michigan, as-is and without any additional fees. Let’s look at what it costs to receive cash for homes in Michigan in a traditional sale versus Detroit Cash For Homes. 

How much does it cost to sell a home? – Detroit Cash For Homes vs. Real Estate Agents 

  • Repairs 

If you are listing your home on the open market, then be ready to spend a hefty amount on home repairs. Usually, major repairs can cost you anywhere between $4,000–20,000. It will cover everything, from deep cleaning to inspections, damage, and replacements. On the other hand, at Detroit Cash For Homes, we buy houses in any condition in Detroit without costly repairs and upgrades. 

  • Commissions 

By working with a reliable real estate agent, you can get plenty of marketing tips, suggestions, and a wide network to sell your home. But you have to pay 6% of your closing cost to your real estate agent, which is a significant amount of money. Thus, to prevent this loss, sell your home to Detroit Cash For Homes. We do not ask for any commissions and fees. 

  • Staging 

Staging is one of the primary steps when selling your home using a traditional method. Its purpose is to make your home as attractive and presentable as possible to your potential buyers. On average, it may cost you anywhere between $500–2000. Sell your property to Detroit Cash For Homes and save your money and time.

  • Closing costs 

On average, sellers have to pay nearly 1-3% of their final home’s sale price as a closing cost. Well, this happens only when you sell your property through a real estate agent. When it comes to closing costs, it refers to fees for services that you receive from officials, such as insurance companies, lawyers, taxes and title transfers. When you hire Detroit Cash For Homes, you do not have to worry about all these expenses, as we have got you covered. 

Apart from this, you may have to invest your hard-earned money on home inspections, appraisals, and multiple viewings if you choose a traditional method. All this not only causes an enormous amount of stress for the seller but also makes the selling process time-consuming and tedious. 

If you are looking for a hassle-free and quick selling of your home while expecting a fair cash offer, Detroit Cash For Homes is your best bet. Since we buy houses in any condition in Metro Detroit without any improvements, it speeds up the selling process. To get a no-obligation consultation, call us today. 

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