Busted: 4 Misconceptions about Selling a Property in January

Busted 4 Misconceptions about Selling a Property in January

As the winter season hits, most homeowners take a step back when selling their properties for cash. Of course, this roots from a common myth that no buyer is available in the real estate market from November to January. They have reasons backing this idea.

Firstly, winter means festival season, so the real estate industry remains inoperable during this time. Also, because of colder days, no buyers will come looking for a property, but this is a common misconception.  The industry is actually very much active throughout the year. If you find a buyer in January, people believe that the sales lead to low cash offers and less interest from buyers. 

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we will debunk common myths related to home sales during the New Year. We are a leading Berkley estate home buyer with more than 30 years of experience in this field. Let us explore some myths about New Year home sales. 

#1 No buyers in the winter – In most cases, home sale is a necessity for owners. They do not have any option but to sell their houses regardless of the time and season. The same applies to buyers. So, there will always be sellers to sell and buyers to purchase, but there is one difference between January and June sales: the former will have fewer buyers than the latter. January buyers are serious about their purchase. 

#2 You cannot create great curb appeal – It is dreary outside in the winter season. As a result, your manicured lawn might not be visible. However, this does not mean you cannot boost the curb appeal of your house. Here are some ways you can make your home more welcoming for your prospective buyer:

  • For evening home showings, you can install outdoor lights.
  • Winter means a snow-covered driveway and pathway. It is advisable to clear the path for your buyers.
  • You can welcome your potential buyers with wreaths, grapevines, etc.

#3 Spring is better for selling – Most people believe this misconception that spring sales are better than winter sales. But this is not the case – the situation varies from one location to another. If you want to sell your house fast In Berkley, do not wait for what you think is the right time. The number of buyers is indeed fewer in January, but they are more likely to buy a house.

#4 It’s a holiday season wrap – Also, many people think that listing a home in January is harder than selling. This is because the month of January wraps up the holidays. No matter the holiday obligation or time of year, you can sell your home with ease. To do so, you need to de-clutter, schedule a deep cleaning, and hire a reliable real estate agent. 

No doubt, selling a home in January is a bit trickier than selling in the spring and summer. If you follow the right tricks and tactics, you can sell your home at the best price possible. However, to sell a Berkley home fast for cash, it is best to go for a cash home buyer like Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses for cash in Berkley in any season and condition while ensuring a fair cash offer. Since our selling process does not involve prior home improvements and listing, we buy houses within seven days. 

If you are looking for a reliable Berkley estate home buyer that makes a fair cash offer, Detroit Cash For homes is your best bet. We buy houses fast and hassle-free.