Selling Your House for Cash: How Fast Can You Sell It?

Selling Your House for Cash - How Fast Can You Sell It

You might have heard that you can sell your house fast in Metro Detroit, but have you ever wondered how fast? That’s what we will explain here- the quickest way to take your property off the market.

If you go by the traditional route, it may take around three to six months. In some cases, it takes even longer. However, with cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes, you can close the deal within a week. Most homeowners do not believe in selling their home for cash. But with trusted cash home buyers, things can go conveniently. Let’s see how that works. 

How can you sell your house in seven days? 

The first thing we want to emphasize is that our sale process is straightforward and streamlined. 

  • No preparations 

We understand that listing your house on the open market requires tons of preparations. On top of that, they are expensive. 

This is not the same with cash home buyers. You have no responsibility for preparing your home for sale. All you need to do is approach us and give primary details and information about the property. The process does not involve initial fees. You don’t have to pay extra for cleaning or hiring a professional home inspector. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we buy houses in Detroit, even if they are messy or need repairs. 

  • Minimum waiting period 

Usually, we make a cash offer within the next 24 hours after formal inspection. The offer we make is fair for all. After all, it is based on various factors like the ongoing market trends, neighborhood, condition of the house, and other features. 

The best thing is you are under no obligation to accept the offer. If you are not happy, you are free to move to another option. 

Also, we buy houses directly from homeowners, so we do not charge any commissions. Moreover, we close the deal in no time. Thus, you can skip holding costs.

  • Pick your closing date 

Once you accept the cash offer, it is pointless to wait. We do not require home inspections and have funds ready in cash. You can choose a closing date at your convenience. It is your decision whether you want to close the deal early or late. 

After you sign the closing documents, you will hand over the keys, and we will transfer the cash instantly. However, you can take your time to move out. We are in no hurry. 

The bottom line 

So, now you know why cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes close the deal in seven days. Are you looking for a quick, smooth, and affordable home sale? If yes, you know where to go. We buy houses in any condition in Detroit as-is. That means there is no need to worry about staging, listing, or marketing. 

If you want a free estimate of your property, call us today!