Selling a Vacant Property in Clawson: What Should You Do?

Selling a Vacant Property in Clawson: What Should You Do?

No doubt, owning a property is an amazing feeling. But it may put significant financial stress on your wallet each month. After all, an abandoned house means monthly maintenance, repairs, and upgrades. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have several homeowners to make the right decision when it comes to a vacant property. 

In most cases, the vacant home was inherited. Usually, when people inherit an estate from their loved one, the first instinct is renting it out. When they do so, their tenants cause more damage, which is an expensive affair. 

Another idea that pop-ups in their mind, keeping the property as-is and selling it when the market flourishes. But there have been instances when people lost an attractive deal due to waiting. If you are stuck in a situation where you cannot decide what to do with your vacant home, we are here to help you. No matter what type of house you are dealing with, it is best to sell your house in Clawson

  • What to do with a vacant property?

There are several ways you can deal with a vacant house. Here is a case study of how Mr. Daniel and his wife dealt with an unoccupied house. Daniel lived in a modern 4-bedroom house in Clawson with his wife and three children. Daniel’s uncle left him an estate after his passing and Daniel was not sure what to do with it.

When his uncle’s lawyer told Daniel that he was the heir of the estate after a few months, Daniel didn’t think much about it because he was grieving. Almost six months later, he visited the home and found out it needed maintenance. Daniel called professionals for work, and it cost him a hefty amount. The following three to four months, he kept up with regular maintenance and repairs. However, the inherited property was costing him nearly 50% of his monthly income.  

Daniel decided to find a permanent solution to manage costly maintenance. Before approaching Detroit Cash For Homes, he considered all the possible ways like renting it out, selling it through a real estate agent, etc. When nothing worked in his favor, Daniel’s colleague recommended Detroit Cash For Homes. 

  • How did Detroit Cash For Homes help Daniel?

Daniel was quick to contact us and scheduled a next-day appointment with our representative. On the consultation visit, Daniel discussed the vacant property that he inherited from his uncle. After considering everything, we advised him to sell the inherited house fast in Clawson. Once he agreed to the sale, we made a fair cash offer, so he could sell his property quickly without any hassle. Daniel was happy with our offer, so he decided to sell his house to us. We closed the deal in 15 days. When we buy houses in Clawson, we never ask for repairs and renovations, listings, staging, showings, and so on.  

If you want to sell your inherited house fast in Clawson or a vacant property in any condition, Detroit Cash For Homes has got your back. We have more than three decades of experience helping homeowners selling houses conveniently.