Detroit Cash For Homes: Your Safest Bet to Sell an Inherited House Fast

Detroit Cash For Homes: Your Safest Bet to Sell an Inherited House Fast

Selling inherited property is a time-consuming process. It requires a strenuous undertaking and several steps, such as proving ownership. Often, we at Detroit Cash For Homes meet customers who experienced a significant delay while selling their inherited properties. One of the primary reasons for the slowdown of property selling is interference by other relatives.

Caroline, who lives in a stunning house in Ferndale with her husband and two children, had found it difficult to sell an inherited house. When her aunt passed away, Caroline became the heir of her entire estate in Metro Detroit. Since she was living in another city, it was not easy to visit her aunt’s estate for maintenance and cleaning. After all, she had to take care of kids as well as the office. Besides this, paying capital gain taxes was another drawback of inheriting a property. In the end, she decided to sell her inherited house for cash.

Selling inherited property with a real estate agent

At first, she chose to sell the inherited house with a realtor by listing it on the open market. As the estate was abandoned for a long time, it accumulated a lot of waste material and had several non-functional appliances. Thus, cleaning and repairing were necessary before listing the property on the market. Once she was done with everything, such as appraisal, cleaning, repairing, inspection, staging, and marketing, she started waiting for the interested buyers.

It was then that one of the immediate family members of Caroline’s aunt filed a lawsuit stating that he is the deserving heir of the estate. Along with the investment, the selling process was taking a lot of her time. After all, she had to schedule an appointment with an attorney and other officials. With four months of consistent efforts, Caroline couldn’t get the house sold and off the market. So, she approached Detroit Cash For Homes, one of the top estate buyers in Ferndale. One of her friends recommended us when she discussed her inherited property and the hurdles in selling it.

Detroit Cash For Homes – We Buy House As-Is

Caroline visited our office the very next day, discussed her property, and we assured her that she could sell her property within three months. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have years of experience in the field and have good connections in the law and insurance sector as well. So, our representatives can handle any legal cases with ease.

Also, we guaranteed Caroline a quick sale at a fair price without spending time and money on repairs, commissions, closing costs, staging, scheduling appointments and many more. With thousands of satisfied and happy customers, Detroit Cash For Homes has gained a reputation as the leading Ferndale estate home buyer.

Keeping with our promise, we provided Caroline a cash offer in the first 24 hours after the consultation visit, and our staff showed her the working strategy. We, at Detroit Cash For Homes, kept working without disturbing Caroline’s daily routine, and nearly two and half months later, we closed the deal. And within a day or two, we offered her the cash in hand. She was quite impressed with our hassle-free and smooth selling process.

If you are wondering how to sell your inherited home fast in Ferndale, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We house a team of professionals who are committed to helping people who wonder how to sell a hoarder house fast in Ferndale, including properties with other issues.