Detroit Cash For Homes: Selling a Home is No Longer a Hassle

Detroit Cash For Homes: Selling a Home is No Longer a Hassle

Cheryl, a resident of Oakland County, was living in a beautiful villa, which her husband bought a few years ago. She, along with her husband and two kids, was leading a satisfying life until a tragic incident took place, which took the life of her husband. After this, it became hard for Cheryl to maintain the villa. As a single, working person, the cost of living got out of the budget. Thus, she decided to sell her property and move to an affordable place.

The moment she hired a local real estate agent to sell her Oakland County home, her life became like a rollercoaster. It is because the process was not easy. She had to deal with listings, repairs, staging, appraisals, and various fees, while taking care of her kids and going to work.

Despite all the efforts and investment in getting the problems fixed, Cheryl failed to receive a desirable offer. The primary reason why people did not show much interest in buying her villa was its location, which is far away from the city. Nearly three months later, she took down her listing from the open market. While discussing her problem with her colleagues, one of them recommended Detroit Cash For Homes to Cheryl.

We offer the best market value for properties

The very next day, Cheryl made a call at our office to book an appointment. On the consultation day, she discussed her property with our representative. Our staff explained to her that Detroit Cash For Homes is one of the leading Oakland County estate home buyers, with over 30 years of experience and countless happy and satisfied clients who received fair and desirable deals. Once she was assured that her home selling process was in the right hands, then we proceeded ahead.

The next step was visiting the property for evaluation, and we successfully provided her with a cash offer within 24 hours. What Cheryl liked about working with us was that she did not have to go through expensive and time-consuming cleanings, repairs, showings, staging, commissions, closing costs, etc. As a result, she could focus on other essential tasks, such as work, taking care of her kids, and creating a moving strategy.

Apart from this, we gave her the option of choosing the closing day, depending on her needs and convenience. The deal was closed in a matter of ten days and we offered her the cash instantly. If you are finding any difficulties in selling your home, Detroit Cash For Homes is your safest bet, as we buy houses in any condition in Oakland County.

If you own any hard-to-sell property, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We house a team of experts with years of experience and expertise in the field who will direct you to the right way to sell your home fast.

Being the leading Oakland County estate home buyer, we, at Detroit Cash For Homes, take pride in helping people sell their properties at the best market value.