3 Pro Tips to Set Your Property Apart from the Rest

3 Pro Tips to Set Your Property Apart from the Rest

Do you want to sell a house fast for cash in Ferndale, MI? The best way is to stand out from the competition. Each day, numerous owners list their properties on the open market. Therefore, you should invest time and money to present your home in its best shape. 

This may not give you a fast and hassle-free home sale, which is what most sellers want. After all, the common reason to sell houses is financial needs or time-related issues. 

This is where Detroit Cash For Homes comes into play. We buy houses in Ferndale as-is, which means no expensive and daunting repairs. Our clients speak for our reliable services and 100% satisfaction. However, if you want to list your property through a traditional route, here is what you should do.  

  • Consider the senses 
    We all know that decision-making involves five senses. So to help your potential buyers decide whether or not to buy your home, address their five senses. When organizing an open house, pay attention to what your buyers will see, hear, smell, touch, and taste. The following are some tips to consider.
    • Choose soothing music to play in the background. Although you can pick music depending on the mood, location, and season, it is safest to go with the standard. 
    • When it comes to adding the smell element, do not go overboard with fragrances. Using seasonal blooms for open houses is the safest bet. 
    • Who doesn’t love mouth-watering refreshments that are also free (wink)? You can serve potential buyers refreshing welcome drinks with delicious cookies. 
    • What about touch? This involves things your prospective buyer may physically feel, such as doorknobs, window glasses, drawer handles, etc. These things should be clean and well-functioning. Besides this, you can cover your sofa with fluffy blankets and use your best bedding linen. 
  • Make your open house a big party 
    Your buyers may already have been to a few open houses the same day or recently. Therefore, you need to do something to make your open house unique and fun. For example, it should feel like a party rather than a monotonous open house. You can host a BBQ afternoon or evening cocktail party. 
    In this way, your open house will become more memorable for buyers. Also, they can get a sense of living in the house. 
  • Boost your curb appeal 
    The exterior of your house is the thing your buyers will notice most. So it plays a primary role in helping them decide whether to enter the home or not. You should not lose this opportunity. Make your buyers fall in love with your home at first glance by:
    • Mowing your lawn 
    • Keeping your garden well-maintained 
    • Considering a fresh coat of paint 

In closing 

Before you decide with the traditional home-selling route, you should know that it takes time. Also, you should have a budget to consider necessary repairs and renovations. If your priority is to sell a house fast for cash in Ferndale, a cash home buyer is your ideal partner. These investors buy properties in any condition with prior work and improvements. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we can help you sell your house in Ferndale fast and hassle-free. 

If you are wondering “How to sell my house in Ferndale fast and at a fair offer,” Detroit Cash For Homes is your best bet. Call us today to discuss your property!