Selling Your Home Fast for Cash: Can You Do It Through a Friend?

Selling Your Home Fast for Cash Can You Do It Through a Friend

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we receive numerous queries from homeowners. Today, we want to discuss one of the most commonly asked questions – can I sell my home for cash through a friend? 

Do you want to sell your house fast in Royal Oak? You are out of the state or country? Fortunately, your friend or a relative can do it on your behalf. We have assisted several home sellers with a similar situation. We buy houses in Royal Oak fast and at a fair cash offer. Thus, we were able to meet their needs and preferences. 

If selling your house through a friend seems like the right option, you are where you should be. Here, we will explain how Jack Williams sold his property within seven days with the help of a friend.

  • Selling a house through a friend 

Jack Williams had a beautiful family house in Royal Oak, Jack and his parents lived out of the state. They moved out five years ago. Initially, they did not have any plan to sell their property. During these five years, they came back every three months for maintenance. 

The expenses for home repair and renovation have increased notably in the past year. Plus, it became difficult for them to take out time for maintenance. So they decided to sell their property for cash. Jack had two conditions:

  • Selling a house fast 
  • No prior improvements 

Jack was not able to take a leave from his office. So instead, he called up his friend to sell his property. Once his friend agreed, the next step was to search for the right cash home buyer. Jack opted for cash home buyers in Royal Oak because he did not want his friend to undergo any hassles.

Their mutual friend recommended Detroit Cash For Homes, a group of investors that buy properties as-is. Jack’s friend immediately called us to schedule an appointment. 

  • Detroit Cash For Homes: We close deals fast 

The following day, Jack’s friend visited our office to discuss the situation. Our representative also spoke to Jack over audio and video calls. We are flexible with any mode of communication. So our representatives chose to discuss things with Jack rather than with his friend. After evaluating the property, we made a fair cash offer to Jack. He accepted without hesitation because it benefitted both parties.

After this, we closed the deal within a week. Jack was amazed at the speed and hassle-free way we buy houses. His home required some work because it was aged. But our professionals got it covered. Additionally, he received the cash the next day in his bank account. 

In closing

No matter which stage you are at, Detroit Cash For Homes can help you sell your house fast in Royal Oak. We have bought even hard-to-sell properties at a fair cash offer without repairs and renovations. 

If you are wondering “how to sell my house fast in Royal Oak,” Detroit Cash For Homes is your top seed. Call us to get a free estimate!