Leasehold Property: How to Sell It Fast In Roseville for Cash?

Leasehold Property: How to Sell It Fast In Roseville for Cash?

If you’re thinking about selling a leasehold property, then you need to know that selling this type of house is a bit more complicated. But by working with an experienced real estate agent,along with the right planning and preparation, you can get through the sale process in no time.

Before getting involved in the selling process of your leasehold property, having a basic understanding of the specific terms related to a leasehold agreement and associated documents is essential. As mentioned already, partnering with a reliable real estate investor and a team of legal professionals will make your sales process stress-free and smooth. In this post, we will explain everything you need to know about selling your leasehold house fast.

Let’s get started!

What is a leasehold property?

When it comes to leasehold property, it refers to a piece of land that is owned by someone else. As compared to a freehold home, investing in a leasehold property is a more affordable way to own a house. Plus, it not only costs less upfront, but also comes with minimal maintenance and fewer repairs. For this reason, most people choose a leasehold property over a freehold, especially those looking for temporary accommodation.

Usually, the lease lasts up to 99 to 125 years. In some cases, you can extend the lease of your home by paying some fees. There are some lease properties available for as long as 999 years.

Selling a leasehold property

Situations arise when you must sell your house fast in Roseville, which is on leasehold, before the agreed term. It could be a financial emergency, paying medical bills, moving to a new place or many more. In this case, your remaining lease gets transferred to new leaseholder and continues the original contract. However, transferring your existing lease to the new leaseholder requires the consent of your landlord, known as “an assignment.”

A step-by-step guide to selling a leasehold property

  • The first step of selling a leasehold property is hiring an experienced real estate agent.
  • After this, your realtor will promote your leasehold property the same way she/he would market a freehold house. It involves listing it on online portals, talking to interested buyers, and arranging viewings. If required, your agent will contact your landlord to ask some pre-sale questions.
  • Once you agree to an offer, your attorney will make a draft contract of sale and send it to your potential buyer, along with other documents like a copy of the lease agreement, your title and your landlord’s title. Apart from this, you may also have to do a bit of extra paperwork when selling a leasehold property.

The final word

In simple words, selling a leasehold property is not much different from freehold ones, except, it requires a little bit more paperwork and documentation. But if your lease is between eighty and sixty years before it ends, then selling it can be like cracking a hard nut. Therefore, it is advisable to seek legal assistance before you make a final decision about your leasehold property.

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