3 Signs You Should Say Goodbye To Your Real Estate Agent

sell a Wayne County home fast

Most homeowners, especially in areas like Wayne County, look to real estate agents to sell their house fast. On one hand, hiring a real estate agent is a great way to sell your house effectively, on the other hand, it can backfire too.

If you’ve hired a real estate agent to sell a Wayne County home fast, and you are unsure if they are working out, here are some signs to look for. These signs can indicate if your real estate agent is not the right choice and needs to be replaced with a better option. Let’s explore:

  • Delays in Deals

The first sign to watch for is if your real estate agent doesn’t seem invested in selling your house. Are they too busy or ignore you altogether? This kind of behavior shows the agent doesn’t have vested interest in your deal. It can happen if they don’t see profit in the deal and focus on more important deals.

If this is the case, they may keep delaying the deal as they are focused on other deals where they can make better estate cash.

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  • Double-Dipping

Double-dipping is when a real estate agent is receiving a commission from both sides – the buyer and the seller. If your real estate agent is ignoring certain buyers and paying more attention to the others, they are probably double-dipping.

In this situation, the agent can ignore several good deals and settle on a bad one. It is better to let them go than incur losses.

  • Ignorance of Your Benefits

If you want to sell a Wayne County home fast and relocate to another city, you may need to rush things a bit. But, again, if your real estate agent doesn’t show interest in your situation and does whatever they want, you have to let them go.

Also, in many cases, agents advise you to make inadequate deals to earn commissions faster. Many times, they are only thinking about their own commission.

These signs tell you that you need to bid farewell to your real estate agent and look for another alternative. You can sell your home on your own, or pick cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes.

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