I Want to Find Out the Selling Price of My House: What Options Do I Have?

I Want to Find Out the Selling Price of My House: What Options do I Have?

If you want to sell your house fast in Royal Oak and other cities, you need to make sure your price it right. The first thing you need to know is the current market situation and trends, but if you are out of the loop regarding the real estate market, you might not be familiar with market prices. 

Also, if you are not aware of the right places to search for the selling price of properties in your area, the result will be futile. 

Do you find yourself navigating through multiple websites without any results? Then you have reached the right place. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we make home sales convenient, satisfying, and quick. In this post, we will list ways to determine the sale price of your home within a few minutes. 

  • Hire a real estate agent 

You may be wondering why people need a realtor when everything is available online. The primary reason is real estate agents are professionals who have worked in the housing market for years. This means they have access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS). It is a database that keeps a record of properties for sale. 

Hence, your realtor can help you determine the market price of your house by comparing it to similar properties in your area.  

  • Check Zillow

If you are not willing to pay fees to a realtor, we have another option for you – Zillow.com. It is an excellent tool for online searches to identify the sale value of your home. You can type your city under the “search section” and explore the prices of comparable houses. 

  • Explore RealtyTrac’s database 

Founded in 1993, RealtyTrac is one of the best sources for gathering real estate information. It comes with a tool that allows you to search for the most recently sold properties. But these results only show you real estate in your country, not your specific neighborhood. It means this approach does not offer precise searches. 

  • Use Realtor’s Just Sold Homes

Just Sold Homes of Realtor is also a helpful tool to price your home appropriately. It allows home sellers to search for the most recently sold homes in the city. After this, they filter the search result based on price point, home size, age, number of beds, and more. 

In closing 

These are some ways that allow you to find the selling price of properties in your neighborhood in a few minutes. Therefore, you can price your house genuinely, not too low or too high.

Do you feel it is too much to deal with these searches on your own? If yes, sell your house to a Royal Oak estate home buyer like Detroit Cash For Homes. We assure you a faster, fair, and stress-free home sale. Plus, we will never ask for any commissions, closing costs, and other fees. 

If you are wondering “how to sell my house fast in Royal Oak,” get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses in Royal Oak all-cash in any condition.