Explained: When is the Right Time to Probate an Estate?

When is the Right Time to Probate an Estate?

Probate is a complicated legal process. It involves transferring estate and ownership after the death of a person. 

Often, people live with this misconception that it is not possible to have a faster and hassle-free probate sale in Detroit. Of course, if you choose a traditional home selling route, probate sales will be expensive and time-consuming. But cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes can help you sell your home in probate at a much faster time with no spending. 

However, not all properties left by the deceased undergo the process of probate. Some get transferred directly to the heir by law. Before we talk about the right time to probate an estate, it is essential to know when you do not need it. Here are a few situations when probate is not necessary, such as:

  • If the property is held jointly by a spouse or any other person, it gives a right to survivorship. Hence, the surviving owner automatically gets the property. 
  • If a bank, life insurance, or retirement account proceeds with probate, which names a beneficiary.  
  • A trust-held property. Of course, the trust should be created by the decedent. 

Let us find out when is the right time to probate a deceased’s estate. Usually, probate is necessary for situations like:

  • To find out whether the will, left by the deceased, is valid or not.
  • To change the ownership of estate or other assets, including stocks, bank accounts, or bonds. In this case, everything is in the decedent’s name with no right of survivorship. 
  • If the deceased have any creditors, probate is essential for making the payment. 
  • Probate is necessary for getting the decedent’s medical records. 
  • To file tax returns and pay taxes of the decedent.

Apart from this, you have to deal with a probate attorney in Michigan if you want to sell an inherited property. Selling a house in probate is nothing like other properties. Therefore, one should have a proper understanding of the types of probate before moving ahead. 

  • Types of probate for an estate 

Typically, there are three types of probate, along with a process called voluntary administration. If you want to ensure a stress-free and faster probate sale in Detroit, it is essential to know the types of probate. 

  • Informal probate – Informal probate is an administrative proceeding. It means the judge does not process the probate proceeding. Also, the court does not allow hearings for informal probate. 
  • Formal probate – When it comes to formal probate, the judge hears the matters. Usually, the process involves one or more court hearings based on the case. 
  • Late and limited formal probate – An inherited property has to undergo probate within three years. If there are no proceedings within this period, you can file for a late and limited formal probate. 
  • Voluntary administration – Lastly, voluntary administration is nothing but a simplified process for properties with minimal assets. 

For the first-timer, it is not easy to decide the appropriate probate process, but a reliable probate attorney in Michigan can help you throughout the process.

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