Detroit Cash For Homes: Say Yes to Smooth and Quick Home Selling

Detroit Cash For Homes: Say Yes to Smooth and Quick Home Selling

Jack lived in a beautiful house in Ferndale, MI, with his wife. With both of them in their 50s, and their children moving to neighboring states for jobs, they realized they did not need this big house with a hefty mortgage payment any longer.

Since Jack was the legal owner of the property, they wanted an option to sell the house fast for cash in Ferndale. While weighing their options, they found the traditional listing process overwhelming because their property needed repairs and a few upgrades.

Apart from this, it came with the hassles of staging and showing. Not to mention the commission charges, closing costs, and other fees.  So, they dropped the idea of listing their property with a real estate agent because it was time-consuming and expensive. One of their relatives recommended Detroit Cash For Homes.

We buy homes as-is

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have gained a reputation as one of the best estate buyers in Ferndale, MI. It’s because we have a 100% success rate in providing our clients with a desirable selling of their properties. When Jack’s wife visited our office and told us that they wanted to sell the home as quickly as possible, our representative acted proactively to offer the best sale price.

After careful evaluation, we provided them a cash offer in the initial 24 hours. Our process doesn’t involve showings, appraisals, and staging. Thus, you can expect a quick and fair sale price. We hired a professional home inspector to carry out an inspection and determine any structural damages to the property.

Indeed, the home required several repairs, but we got it covered so that our client didn’t have to spend time and money on getting the repairs done. Our selling process is easy to follow and quick. If you find any difficulties, you will have our representatives to assist you at all times. Another advantage of selling homes with Detroit Cash For Homes is that our clients can choose their closing date. Once Jack and his wife agreed with the cash offer, we moved ahead with the selling process and completed it within 15 days.

We, at Detroit Cash For Homes, not only helped Jack and his wife to have speedy selling of a home but also covered the mortgage dues.

If you want to sell your house fast for cash in Ferndale, MI, feel free to contact Detroit Cash For Homes.