Can You Sell an Inherited Home in Probate? Answers from Detroit Cash For Homes

Can You Sell an Inherited Home in Probate? Answers from Detroit Cash For Homes

Many homeowners ask this common question to us – Is it possible to sell my house in Clawson in probate that I inherited? Given that most people face challenges when selling inherited properties, Detroit Cash For Homes is here to clear all the doubts. 

If you are dealing with an inherited house in probate, you need to know that selling such property is nothing like a regular home sale. It is because you have to wait for the probate process to complete before selling it for cash. It may take a few weeks to months, depending on the complexity of your case. Also, if other heirs disagree with you, the process may be delayed further. Therefore, having the right information is crucial to ensure a successful sale of your inherited home. 

However, before delving into whether it is possible or not to sell an inherited property in probate, let’s understand what it means exactly.

  • What does inherited property in probate mean? 

If a deceased person has written a will stating to whom they want to dispose of property, investments, and other assets after death, the beneficiaries can receive inherited property. However, if you have inherited such a house and want to sell it for cash, you can do it without restrictions. The only thing that can delay the selling process are the terms and conditions of the will. In some cases, the will can cause a fight among family members, which may lengthen the time of selling your inherited home. 

On the other hand, if an individual dies without drafting a will, your inherited house has to go through a probate process before selling. In this case, the court will decide the division of estate and assets using probate. As per the decedent’s will, a real estate attorney will first seek permission to deal with the estate. This process entails applying for a grant of probate. With this, the official will identify beneficiaries and issue “the grant of probate” in a month or two. 

  • Is it possible to sell an inherited home during probate? 

It is not legally possible to sell your inherited house during probate. However, you may get it appraised and find a reliable cash home buyer.  Also, you can agree on a cash offer with your prospective buyer. But coming to sign a sale contract is only possible after the probate is granted. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have several satisfied clients who have sold inherited properties for a fair cash offer with minimum hassle and time-consumption. 

  • How to sell your inherited house in probate? 

There are several options to sell your inherited property under probate cash, but the best one is selling to a cash home buyer like Detroit Cash For Homes. If you want to sell a house fast for cash in Clawson, it is an effective method. It is because we buy houses in Clawson as-is without making you undergo costly cleanings and improvements. In addition to this, you can skip commissions, closing costs, and other fees. Our experts will also help you schedule appointments with real estate attorneys and other officials. 

If you want to sell your house in Clawson fast for cash, Detroit Cash For Homes have got you covered. We buy properties in any condition like probate, foreclosure, title defect, and many more, while assisting you throughout the process.