The Pandemic is Not Over: How to Sell Your Home Amidst Rising COVID-19 Variants?

The Pandemic is Not Over: How to Sell Your Home Amidst Rising COVID-19 Variants?

Everyone hoped it was the end of the COVID-19 pandemic until the variant “Omicron” came into the picture. Compared to other mutants, Omicron is the fastest spreading and has overwhelmed several countries. As a result, things like masks, strict social distancing, and work from home are back in trend. 

If you can no longer wait and want to sell your house fast, Detroit Cash For Homes is your top seed. We buy houses in Detroit, Michigan, even during this time. 

  • Sell your house for cash now 

With COVID-19 variants spreading across the United States, homeowners are worried about selling their properties. After all, some might be in situations like foreclosure, divorce, moving out of state, structural damage, and more. All this calls for a fast home sale. 

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have received numerous requests from home sellers. 

One of our clients says, “The condition of my house has gotten worse. I wanted to sell it off in 2020, but the lockdown happened. After that, I waited because I did not want strangers to visit my house during COVID-19. I had listed my house in 2021. However, I could not find a reliable buyer even after spending a hefty amount. Now, I want to sell my house fast regardless of the current situation. I cannot afford the costly monthly repairs and upgrades.” 

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we buy houses for cash in Michigan as-is without letting homeowners undertake home improvements. This means you do not have to invite a professional home contractor. Besides this, our selling process does not involve open-house and staging. Hence, you do not have to get your house and loved ones exposed to any chances of catching the virus. 

While we follow strict regulations to ensure the health and wellness of our staff, we can also make a cash offer with a video call. This is not the case when selling a property through a real estate agent. In this situation, you may expect several buyers to visit your place physically before making an offer. This is not a safe thing to do right now. On average, we can close the deal within seven days and pay the cash immediately. 

In closing 

Detroit Cash For Homes is one of the leading real estate cash buyers in Michigan, with more than 30 years of experience in the industry. Whether your house is vacant, rented to tenants, or a place you live in, our professionals can handle all cases. In addition to this, you need not worry about commissions, closing costs, and other fees because we buy houses in Michigan directly from sellers. 

If you are searching for the best cash home buyers in Michigan to sell your house fast, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. Call us today to get a free estimation!