The Best Practices to Stage Your Home During the Holiday Season

The Best Practices to Stage Your Home During the Holiday Season

The holiday season is just around the corner. It is the season of happiness and festivities, along with spending time with loved ones. 

It can be a matter of concern for homeowners who want to sell an inherited house in Clawson or any other area. There is a common misconception that selling homes in winter is not ideal. 

Of course, selling a house during the winter might be a bit trickier than other times of the year. However, it has some advantages like less competition and serious buyers. Therefore, the chances of getting a fair deal are higher. This is because available buyers in the market are in need of properties. If they like your home, they will buy it at the asked price. If you have already listed your house on the market or are planning to do so, do not step back. 

When it comes to staging homes in the holiday season, there are different opinions. No matter what people say, here are some staging tips that help you add warmth to your home. As a result, you can enhance your space and leave a lasting impression. 

If you do not want to deal with hassles like home improvements, staging, and listing, hire estate buyers in Clawson, MI like Detroit Cash For Homes. We have more than three decades of experience buying houses as-is in all seasons. Meanwhile, let us explore the best staging tips for holiday season home sales.

  • Welcome buyers with a wreath and planter – A planter and wreath are the best choice to decorate your home for staging. This is because the weather outside is dreary, and silver can reflect the sun. Consequently, it will draw the attention of your buyers towards your property. 
  • Lighting – You can use lighting for your home staging decoration. But do not go overboard, as it can have a negative impact. With modest and minimal lighting decor, you can add the necessary warmth to your house. 
  • Use minimal color – Did you know that bright color decorations can scare away your potential buyer? This is because darker tones make your home look congested and unattractive. If you use accessories like candles, ribbons, garlands, poinsettia plants, and baskets, stick to neutral colors. 
  • One Christmas tree and simple ornaments – Most people make the mistake of packing their home with Christmas trees for staging. But this can work against you because the decorations may overwhelm the features of your house. Hence, it is best to adorn your home with a single, moderately-sized Christmas tree and simple ornaments. Please remember, large trees can make your space appear small. 

These are some ways you can decorate your home for staging without taking away the focus from your house and its features. 

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