Selling a Damaged House Without Repairs in Waterford

We buy houses in Waterford

Selling a house in areas like Waterford and the surrounding neighborhoods in Metro Detroit, is exceedingly difficult. There is great demand for property in these areas; however, it isn’t easy to find the right buyer fast.

There can be many reasons for this. If you are unable to sell your house in Waterford, it can be due to the following reasons:

  • The buyer is looking for something different from your house
  • The location of your house isn’t right or is in a bad neighborhood
  • The price for the house is unreasonable
  • Your house is in poor condition

If the last one is your problem, rest assured, you can still sell your house, even if it isn’t in great condition.

When selling your house to a Waterford estate home buyer, you must make the realtor aware of your home’s condition. This allows them to find the best deals for you, as they can be upfront with buyers.

However, in many cases, realtors demand that homeowners make repairs. They also have sellers stage the house, to target buyers by modeling the possible look and interior of the house.

If your real estate agent isn’t flexible with this, chances are, you will end up spending a lot of money to sell the house. If you don’t have much money available, and still want to sell the house for a fair price, opt for cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes.

Buyers like us give cash for homes in Waterford, and complete the deal as fast as we can! Cash home buyers are the best way to sell a house, without repairing. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we buy houses in AS-IS condition and give a fair price for it, all in cash!

When you are selling your house through real estate agents, you may not be able to sell it in poor condition. But, that is not the case with cash home buyers like us.

We buy houses in Waterford, in any condition and in any location! If you are unable to find the right buyers for your home, contact us today!