Probate Property Valuation: What Can You Expect?

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The accurate valuation of a property is a must before selling it for cash. However, you should be more careful if it is a probate property. After all, incorrect valuation (over or under) can lead to dire consequences. 

Therefore, it is advisable to hire an experienced realtor to determine the exact number and avoid mistakes. If you are dealing with a probate house, hiring a probate attorney in Michigan is the best option. They can assist you in fulfilling legal requirements and selling the property fast. 

Why do we need probate property valuation? How do we calculate it? What are the expenses in calculating it? These questions may have crossed your mind. The good thing is our experts at Detroit Cash For Homes will answer them below. As the leading real estate cash buyers in Michigan, we know the ins and outs of this industry. 

  • Why is probate property valuation needed?

Do you own an inherited estate and want to sell it fast for cash? If so, then tax assessment is essential for various reasons. Firstly, you are liable to cover any inheritance tax that is due from the day your loved one passed away. Only after this will you be able to sell your property. Thus, make sure to evaluate your probate property at the earliest. In addition, valuation can save you from disagreements about the selling price if there is more than one heir. In short, if you want to sell your inherited property, a valuation is necessary. 

  • What are the consequences of incorrect valuation?

It is advisable to never go by estimates when it comes to probate property valuation. If you over evaluate, you may have to pay more for inheritance tax. When it comes to property valuation and inheritance tax, these are interdependent. That means the higher the valuation, the more the property’s market value. Thus, beneficiaries are likely to pay a higher amount. 

On the other hand, undervaluation may result in a penalty by the HMRC. In such cases, you may end up paying a fine of up to 100% of tax liability. Plus, you may have to cover the extra tax. 

  • How to calculate probate property valuation?

In general, a property valuation can be calculated by anyone. But a probate property valuation is different when it comes to requirements. Therefore, you may hire professionals like solicitors, real estate agents, or chartered surveyors. To calculate a property valuation for probate purposes, your professional will consider the open market value and compare it with local sales evidence on the day your loved one has died. Remember, you may have to pay probate property valuation fees of 1%-5%. 

In closing 

Have you inherited a property from a loved one? If so, then you must pay the due inheritance taxes before selling. Selling through a realtor may be tedious, expensive, and time-consuming. Therefore, consider a direct sale to Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses for cash in Michigan, even if it has legal and structural issues. While your house is in probate, we can start the process and close the deal once permission is granted. 

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