MLS for Selling Your House: Why It is a Big No-no?

MLS for Selling Your House - Why It is a Big No-no

If you are preparing to sell your house in Ferndale, you might have heard of MLS – Multiple Listing Service. It is a site run by real estate agents. However, to access MLS, realtors have to pay some fees as it has data on properties available for sale.

But there are many reasons why you should avoid MLS when selling your home. As a leading Ferndale estate home buyer, we will help you understand why.

Reasons to avoid MLS when selling your property

  • Failing to pick the right agent 

The first reason why you should refrain from choosing MLS for your home sale is you may be unable to hire the right agent. It is a powerful real estate marketing website with realtors across the country. That means you have numerous agents to select from, and one wrong decision can jeopardize all your efforts. If you have no experience in the industry, it can be a real challenge for you. 

  • It tracks time on the market 

The MLS keeps track of everything, including how long your property has been listed. It does not work in favor of home sellers. Why? For example, your house remains on the market for over three months. MLS will track it all, which means potential buyers will know your property’s time on the market.

If your house stays on the market for an extended without receiving any offers, it will leave a negative impression on buyers. They will think it might have some problems or is not desirable like other properties. As a result, no one will show interest in buying your home

  • Commissions 

Another reason that makes MLS undesirable to sell your house in Ferndale is commission fees. Real estate agents work on a commission basis. If you list your home through a realtor, you have to pay 3%-6% of your final price. Commissions, along with repairs costs and closing costs, can eat away your profit.

On the other hand, by considering a direct sale to Detroit Cash For Homes, you can take the house off the market without any fees.

  • No privacy 

Be ready to give up your privacy until your house is on the market for sale. After all, once you list your home on the MLS, it opens the doors for showings. Therefore, potential buyers can visit at any time to take a tour. For this reason, keep your outdoors and indoors organized and clean round the clock. Moreover, your realtor may ask you to leave the house as visitors look around. 

The bottom line 

These are enough reasons to avoid MLS for selling your house for cash. It is not a reliable option if you are looking for a fast and hassle-free sale. Instead, consider a direct sale to Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses without realtors, so you do not have to worry about commissions. On average, our experts can help you close the deal in 15 days. 

If you are wondering “how to sell my house in Ferndale fast,” contact Detroit Cash For Homes. We offer free, no-obligation consultation.