I Want to Sell My House Without Inspection: Is there Any Option Available?

I Want to Sell My House Without Inspection:

Home inspection is an essential part of selling a property. It helps buyers find out whether the house is in good shape or requires repairs and renovations. Usually, a buyer hires a home inspector to conduct this inspection. 

In some cases, homeowners are not aware of whether their house needs repairs or not. Uninvited work or improvement may lead to delays and more expenses. For this reason, most of the clients that approach Detroit Cash For Homes want to sell properties fast without a home inspection. 

A few months ago, one of our clients, came to us to sell a Berkley home fast. The moment they met our representative, their first question was, “Can I sell my house without undergoing home inspection?” He was moving out of the state for a new job, so he wanted a fast and hassle-free sale. Before we continue, let us understand what happens after the home inspection. 

  • What happens after the home inspection?

As mentioned already, a buyer gets the home inspection done to determine if the property requires extensive repairs. For example, the home inspection revealed that the house needs a lot of work. The homeowner has two options. They can make the necessary repairs and upgrades or negotiate the selling price to cover the expenses. In both cases, the seller is at a loss. So, sell your house to real estate investors that offer cash for homes in Berkley to avoid such situations. 

Here at Detroit Cash For Homes, we have been offering homeowners a quick and hassle-free home sale. This is because we buy houses for cash in Berkley as-is without any home appraisals, inspection, repairs, and renovations. 

  • Detroit Cash For Homes – Selling without a home inspection

Home inspections are requested during traditional home sales. Homeowners can choose cash home buyers to sell properties without making repairs and renovations. When our client asked us if there is an option to sell his home without an inspection, the answer was yes. 

After he discussed the house with Detroit Cash For Homes, our staff members acted proactively to make a fair cash offer within 24 hours. Also, we helped him close the deal in two weeks with a stress-free process. Our client was happy with our services because our selling process does not involve time-consuming and costly inspections, showings, staging, listing, and repairs. In addition to this, he saved money on commissions, closing costs, etc. 

As we buy houses in any condition in Berkley, Detroit Cash For Homes has helped several homeowners in miserable situations. We want to make home selling a life-time experience while offering a fair cash deal. 

If you want to sell your Berkley home fast without delays and expenses, get in touch with Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses for cash in Berkley as-is with a guaranteed fair and quick sale.