Holding an Open House in Winter: Top Mistakes to Avoid

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Are you planning to sell your house fast in Metro Detroit during peak cold days? If so, then your situation must be critical. After all, it is unlikely for anyone to worry about selling their home over celebrating the festive season with loved ones. 

No matter why you want to sell your house, organizing open houses in the winter can take time and effort. However, you can skip this process by selling your house to cash home buyers like Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses in Detroit without staging, open houses, and listing. But if you think the traditional route is best, avoid the following open house mistakes.  

How to hold an open house during winter?

When it comes to open houses in the winter, it’s gruesome. People huddle indoors because of the cold and snow. So, it requires more effort to host an open house in winter. Moreover, some mistakes can make your open house ineffective. Let’s look at some common mistakes to avoid. 

  1. Failing to clear a path 

Clear the path to your house before any guest’s arrival. After all, they should not feel this visit is a trek. Also, if you let them walk through built-up snow, they may slip and get injured. So make sure to shovel the snow prior to their visit. Besides saving your potential buyers from injuries, it will protect you from facing legal issues. 

  1. Failing to create a landing zone 

Winter means snow and rain, and it also calls for wet and muddy shoes. Despite their best efforts to act courteously, prospective buyers will bring dirt into your well-cleaned house. Thus, create a landing area at your door to prevent all the mess from entering indoors. You can also add more hooks and a coat rack. Remember to put up a sign asking guests to leave their belongings like shoes outdoors. Lastly, an umbrella stand is essential.

  1. Overheating 

We understand it’s freezing outside, and you need six layers of clothing before stepping out. But this doesn’t mean you should turn your house into a sauna. High temperatures are also difficult to bear. As a result, your prospective buyer may take your house tour in a rush. If you do not want this to happen, keep your thermostat at a reasonable temperature. Having a high thermostat always calls for a hefty electric bill.

  1. Lack of effort 

Don’t be Scrooge, especially during this festive season. So, when you host an open house, be generous and show care to all your visitors. Instead of standard cookies and bottled water, offer seasonal snacks. For example, you may serve your guests hot chocolate and muffins. 

The bottom line 

Indeed, hosting an open house can help you attract more potential candidates, but it takes a significant investment of time and money. If you cannot afford this, consider a direct sale to Detroit Cash For Homes. We buy houses in any condition in Detroit without burdening you with open houses, repairs, etc. Our selling process is fast and hassle-free. 

If you are worried about selling your house fast in Detroit, contact Detroit Cash For Homes.