Explained: What are the Common Home Repair Issues and Associated Costs?

What are the Common Home Repair Issues and Associated Costs

Owning a house comes with numerous benefits. It brings a sense of belonging and pride. Also, it is an ultimate source of wealth if you have a rental or investment property.

But if your home is old, maintaining it is a hassle. Instead of spending most of your earnings to get your house in shape, it is best to sell to real estate cash buyers in Michigan.

At Detroit Cash For Homes, we have assisted countless homeowners in home selling processes. But the best thing is that our team can meet their requirements because we buy houses for cash in Michigan as-is. This means you do not have to go through repairs and renovations. Hence, selling homes is fast and hassle-free.

However, some people still prefer a real estate agent for home-sale to receive a better price value. But do not forget that it comes at the cost of time and money investment. Before selling a property through a traditional route, look at common repairs and their expenses.

Top home repair issues and the cost of fixing them

1. Foundation repair

Foundation problems are common in older houses. Once these issues occur, you have to maintain them regularly. Also, it is essential to get rid of these issues before listing your home on the open market. After all, no buyer would be ready to invest in your property. When it comes to foundation repair, the cost may fall between $4000 – $15,000.

2. Roof repair

Repairing or renovating roofs is another costly undertaking. In most cases, roof replacement is covered by home insurance if the damage occurred is because of natural events. But if it is a long-term issue, you have to pay for it. Some common roof repair issues are leaks, missing shingles, curled and cracked shingles, etc. The approximate expenses of roof repair are $4000 – $30,000. It depends on the severity of the damage.

3. Water damage

Indoor plumbing plays an essential role in making our lives convenient. But it can also be the reason for severe water damage because of lack of maintenance. It can put your furniture, walls, and floors at risk. Over time, it can also lead to foundation problems. If your house has water damage, you need $2,500 – $5,000 to get it repaired.

4. Paint

The first thing your prospective buyer will notice is your exterior. If you want to leave a lasting impression, consider a fresh coat of paint before listing. With this, you can improve the overall look of your house instantly. The exterior painting is around $5,000, whereas the interior is $2,000. This is an average expected cost. However, it may vary based on your square footage.

Besides this, if your house has other issues like termites, plumbing issues, electrical, and other appliances, the expenses may increase. Do you want to sell your house without costly and time-consuming repairs? If yes, sell it to cash home buyers in Michigan.

In closing

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