Detroit Cash For Homes: Frequently Asked Questions by Our Clients

Detroit Cash For Homes: Frequently Asked Questions by Our Clients

When people hear that real estate investors buy properties in as-is condition, which means no repairs or renovations required, they get skeptical about it. After all, traditional home selling involves everything, from listings to repairs, staging, and so on. Therefore, when home sellers approach Detroit Cash For Homes, they have numerous questions related to the process. If you also have any, don’t worry! Today, we will answer some of the most frequent questions that clients ask us.

Before diving into these questions, you need to know that Detroit Cash For Homes has gained popularity as renowned estate buyers in Ferndale, MI. It is because we focus on 100% customer satisfaction with a hassle-free selling process and a fair cash offer. At Detroit Cash For Homes, we work with complete transparency and honesty. Also, we do not hesitate to answer any questions and give references to our previous customers.

  • Do you list properties on the open market?

One of the prime advantages of selling your house to Detroit Cash For Homes is that you do not have to go through the process of listing. Listing is done by real estate agents, not Ferndale estate home buyers like us. We buy properties as-is that fall in the bracket of our standards and offer cash immediately.

  • How do you evaluate the cash offer for properties?

Another interesting thing that we believe our clients should be aware of is the criteria through which we determine the cash offer. We have mentioned already, our policies and process are transparent. To provide a cash offer, we keep an account various factors such as the location, the current condition, repairs requirement, and the market value of similar properties in the neighborhood.

  • Do you charge any commissions and closing fees?

One of the primary things that set apart estate buyers in Ferndale, MI from real estate agents is the no-commissions-and-fees selling process. So, when you work with Detroit Cash For Homes, you can escape from paying commissions, closing fees, and other charges. Usually, we make a cash offer within 24 hours and close the deal on the date picked by our customers (only if they agree with the offered cash price).

  • Are there any obligations when receiving a quote?

Of course, not! We offer a no-obligation estimate. When you visit our office or make a call to discuss your property, first of all, we will inspect your property to evaluate a cash offer, which will be fair to you as well as us. We might call you if we want to learn more about your Ferndale home. Once we offer a sale price, it is up to you whether to go ahead with the selling process or not. We, at Detroit Cash For Homes, do not force anyone to sell a house.

These are some of the most common questions that people ask us, and if you have any other queries, we are more than happy to help. With Detroit Cash For Homes, you can not only sell a house fast for cash in Ferndale, but you can also receive a fair cash offer without spending much money.

If you are wondering to yourself, how to sell my house in Ferndale smoothly and quickly, your answer is Detroit Cash For Homes. We have years of experience buying hard-to-sell properties without repairs and renovations.